The 144,000, Part 5

Apostle Michael Petro | May 20th, 2021

Right now the Lord is looking for those who are focused on what He wants to do in these end times and what He wants to do through them. While it may seem that the Lord sidesteps us at times, He is actually trying to help us understand His plan and purpose. Many Christians believe that they’ll be raptured, and just fly away one day, but that is not what the Early Church taught.

The Mountain Fire

Apostle Michael Petro | May 12 2021

The church is being prepared to receive the baptism of fire. This fire will release us into something that has never been seen before and bring a shift in our minds. The apocalypse is a removal of the veil, or seeing something that has never been seen before. In Hebrews 10:20, Paul tells us that the veil is the flesh.

The Upright Ones

Apostle Michael Petro | May 7, 2021

The Lord is calling the church to go deeper into His presence. The Early Church understood the lifestyle of being in God’s presence and the seriousness of it. Currently, we are seeing our intercession ramp up and become much more intense. The Lord is looking for midwives to help birth this last move.

The Gnosis of God

Apostle Michael Petro | April 17, 2021

We need to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. This is a time of faithful prayer and constant communion with the Lord, to intently listen for the Lord’s voice. We are down to days, not even weeks….